Simple Autumn Apple Dip Recipe

Do you love apples? I do! I enjoy many different varieties!

With September here, it’s back to school time, Autumn is just around the corner!  That always makes me think of apples! 

Apples for the teacher, applesauce making, and bobbing for apples are just a few fun Autumn Apple activities. But apples are just perfect to hide in a pocket or sack for a healthy snack, dessert or breakfast. 

What goes well with apples? 

Of course, this Simple Autumn Apple Dip!  Thanks for asking!  

For added nutrition, I love to make my Simple Autumn Apple Dip–in fact, I make it almost every day for breakfast! I’ve been making this dip for years now, and never tire of it. I love to eat this dip with Pink Lady apples–they’re my absolute favorites, but you pick your favorite!

Simple autumn Apple dip

Get the recipe at Ridge Haven Homestead


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