Friday Friendship Feature #9. That’s What Friends are For – Ridge Haven Homestead

In good times, in bad times, that’s what friends are for. A song with a powerful message, and stories that illustrate the meaning of this popular song
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Homemade Blog Planner Plus Printable Blog Hop Log – Ridge Haven Homestead

Free Printable Blog Planner Tools

Blog planner

My reason for a Blog Planner and the Blog Hop Log.  These days I see a lot of my blogger buddies sharing across Blog Hops and Link-Up Parties! Why would you not? Blog Hops give you a chance to get your work out and to see what others want to share! Besides, Blog Hops are fun!  Here are some good ones to try! 

For me, though, after Iโ€™ve shared posts on several blog Hops for several weeks, my mind starts to jumble all up. Which post did I share where? I have to keep track, and Iโ€™m sure that you do too!

Print your own homemade blog planner. Illustrations, samples, and links to create your own custom-made blogging planner. Free printable Blog Hop Log.
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