Blog Change—Lessons & Lessons moves to Ridge Haven Homestead

Dear Faithful Subscribers,

I’ve been blogging here at Lessons and Lessons for several years now! I’ve been having a great time, and am still going strong with my blogging!

Thank you for subscribing to this blog!

Recently, I made the move to go blog at a self-hosted site. There were many reasons for this move. But, I have not stopped the blogging, bottom line.

I want to invite you to come over to my self-hosted blog, RidgeHavenHomestead.

If you go there and sign up as a subscriber, you will get the entire post each time, not just an excerpt, like here at Lessons and Lessons. This will minimize your clicks to read the full post.

Note that currently I am posting my original articles at RidgeHavenHomestead, and reblogging a portion of each post here to get the word out to those who may still be following/reading here.

Follow here, or follow there!

If you prefer to keep following here, I don’t mind, but you’ll have more hoops to jump through to read the post. If you follow me at the new site, you will still be able to find me on the WordPress reader.

For your convenience, if you subscribe over at Ridge Haven Homestead, you will receive an email when a new post comes out (approx 2-3 per week) instead of finding me on the reader.

Please stop by our Facebook page and like us as well! We’ve recently added an Instagram account too (#RidgeHavenHomestead) so check out that when you can!

Mostly, a super big THANK YOU for being a subscriber!


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