Speaking the Language of Encouragement, Part 2

Learning to Speak the Language of Encouragement to our Children

Last time I visited this topic, I shared an overview of what the Language of Encouragement is, and how it applies in our homeschools and families. If you missed my first post on this, please see The Language of Encouragement, Part 1

I will remind you that this series of posts will reference the very helpful (free) talk given by Maria Nebblett, with the same title. You can find that talk at the Nebblett family’s website. Scroll down until you see the talk entitled The Language of Encouragement. You will find other encouraging talks there as well. If you prefer to watch the talk, you may watch it for free online.


Language of Encouragement

A promise that is giving me hope is this one:

Gather up the rays of divine light that are shining upon your pathway. Walk in the light as Christ is in the light. As you take hold of the work of helping your children to serve God, the most provoking trials will come; but do not lose your hold; cling to Jesus. He says, “Let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with me.” Isaiah 27:5. Difficulties will arise; you will meet with obstacles; but look constantly to Jesus. When an emergency arises, ask, Lord, what shall I do now? If you refuse to fret or scold, the Lord will show you the way. He will help you to use the talent of speech in so Christlike a way that peace and love will reign in the home. By following a consistent course of action, you may be evangelists in the home, ministers of grace to your children. – {Child Guidance 478.3}

The Home a Battle Ground

In our home, I can certainly see the war. The more we ask for the Holy Spirit, the more we see the opposite spirit. I think this is so that we will just give up.

Never Give Up.  Never Stop Trying.

Language of Encouragement 2

Thankfully, we can fight back! We don’t have to give up! Nor do we have to give in! Giving in means not choosing to fight against irritated thoughts and words.Giving in is natural and easy because it doesn’t require any thought or planning. We automatically spew out whatever comes to mind.

In her talk, Maria shares Five Habits for parents who want to learn the language of encouragement can begin to put into practice. I will be sharing the first two principles from the talk today. These are taken directly from the talk.

Habit 1: REFRAIN

In her talk, Maria speaks about our need as parents to refrain.

Refrain from what?

Article continues here…



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