Friday Freebie—Printable Prayer Cards!

It’s Friday! Time for a Freebie!!

Just in time for the weekend! 

Free Printable Prayer Cards

This is my first Friday Freebie! 

But you have to start somewhere!


The Freebie for today is a set of Free Printable Prayer cards that you can print off and put on rings or in a box. These make a very nice set, especially when printed onto card stock or laminated. We made ours onto 24 lb paper, then laminated 5 mil laminating sheets. you could just as easily print onto card stock and laminate with 3 mil, or slip the laminating altogether. Our printer would not take card stock without jamming up, so we went with what worked!

Free Printable Prayer Cards

Why Prayer Cards?

Sometimes we get bogged down in our prayer time. At other times, we would like to add more Bible to our prayers, and Pray the Word. These free printable prayer cards are just nice little tools to change up our typical prayer lines, so that we are more in tune with God’s will. One side has a Bible promise, and the reverse has a corresponding suggestion for how to pray using that promise. I find them very helpful.

Little Print Shop

We were making a LOT of these cards last year! We had quite a little operation going for half the year. Read about it here.It was a GREAT home business for the kids, and with the money raised, two and a half girls were rescued out of trafficking in India. We had received special permission from Melody to print and sell her cards, which she offers free for anyone to print themselves.

Free Prontable Prayer Cards

You can see that the color options are endless. Pastel, bright, all blues–you can design your set just how you’d like it!

Free Printable Prayer Cards for Personal Encouragement

Melody, who designed the cards, has a very active prayer ministry, to help and encourage others in their prayer lives. Below, I’ve linked a video of her discussing her prayer cards and how she intends for them to be used. Free Printable Prayer Cards


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Enjoy, and may you be blessed in your prayer time!!


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