A Blast from the Past

Just for fun, I decided to import my old blog into this one. Many years ago, I blogged about the Adventures of the Little A’s. How little they all looked, and how big they’ve become!  We now have two teens, and one fast on their heels!

As I looked back over the memories I had posted about, I decided I wanted them all in one place, and I will be working on making this blog what I’d like it to be!  I will also be adding some content from another blog that I write for related to homeschooling (www.SDAhomeschoolers.org )

I want to share things that have helped me in our homeschooling journey, along with stories will surely entertain you as you laugh about our blunders.

Thanks for joining me on our journey, and hold on for the ride–it’s always been a crazy one with the Little A’s around!

The toys are bigger, and boys are taller, and the experiences are becoming more challenging!  The Adventure continues…




Now–helping Daddy with gravel


Now–creative ways of cutting tree!


Now–roof trusses


Now–helping set trusses