Look Around

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As homeschoolers, we can so often get quite book-focused.  It’s natural, and that’s because we see so much that we want our children to learn.  If we could just open up their heads and funnel the facts in, that would be a very efficient way to cram them full of knowledge.  Or, would it?

In reality, that would be about as efficient as opening up our mouths and shoving in the broccoli, bananas, and carrots.  It would surely get the nutrients in, but leave us exhausted and repulsed by the good food.  I dare say that mealtimes would be looked at with dread instead of delight.

I wonder; no, I don’t really wonder–I know that we sometimes approach school in this way, and wonder why our little fact machines don’t cheerily click out the math, language, and spelling information like computers with fully charged batteries.  Maybe they’re drained and need a recharge.  Nature is good for that.

We had to do that today.  My kids needed it.  I needed it–maybe more than they did.

It’s necessary to drill spelling, math, and reading.  But it’s also necessary to observe, take a deep breath outside, and notice.  Notice the strange bug that looks a lot like a hummingbird!  Observe the leaves as they begin their Autumn drama.  They won’t look the same tomorrow.

Just look around at what God has put in YOUR path because He loves you!!

Here’s a few of the gems we found today in God’s Nature Treasure Mine.

And the secret is that Mom and the boys had a happy ending to this day.

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