Gearing up for the bike-a-thon!

I can’t sleep!

Our family has a big day tomorrow, and instead of sleeping like any normal person, I’m wide awake.  I don’t think that I’ve got the jitters, but here I am, unable to turn off my brain.  I’ll pay for this, I know. But hopefully not tomorrow.

Tomorrow, technically later on today, now, is the Bikeathon.  Why does that matter?

For our boys, it means a chance to do what they love–ride, ride, ride! Two hours of uninterrupted bike riding!  It’s perfect for them!  And the fact that they get to do it with other friends makes it even better!  But its not just about them. And I believe that this is why the anticipation has me sleepless.

Roughly a dozen children–not just ours, have made a choice to work hard so that someone else can get the prize. And the more I’ve thought about this, the more proud I’ve become of these kids. They’ve worked hard calling for pledges. It’s not comfortable to call people when you’re a child, especially to request money. But they braved their fears and conquered them. That’s huge already!  One of our boys initially refused to ride when he found out he’d have to call people–that was just too much!  But, after seeing his brothers’ successes, he tried a phone call, and the person answering was nice!    Now, he is brave enough to call people he doesn’t even know too well, and he and his brothers have all done well!

For every mile, each boy has promised money coming, and so maybe that’s why I as a parent feel nervous. I know they’ll do their very best.  Their hearts are totally into it!  And my heart thrills with the hope that for some of these children, this event could spark a flame inside that never dies out. A flame for choosing to help others, even if it means work. A flame for missionary service. That flame inside could change their whole life direction!

I know that’s grand!  But my God is big!  He can do that!

And so, even though I know this could be just a ride, it could be more. It’s a seed planted. God can make it take root and grow.

When I told my boys the other night that by their work, more than one person, several, in fact,  would get a bike, I could see real satisfaction. Happiness comes when we bless others.

These energetic boys and girls are our future!  They have a lot riding on the choices they’re making. They don’t know it. But we do. And so we pray that this ride starts a little seed growing.