When Mama gets a bit sleep deprived

I wanted to keep this here for my own memory’s sake

It’s just a little song I wrote and sent to my family after a night of a strange sickness that stopped by.

Here’s a little song that HAS BECOME FAMOUS overnight. In our house, anyway.
To the tune of Deck the Halls…

Here we go:

Hark, the sound of children puking
Falalalala lalalala
Just when mommy’s started sleeping
Falalalala lalalala
First the one, and then his brother
Falala lalalalalala
All over the sheets and covers

All done now, go back to bed
Falalalala lalalala
Ease your pillow under your head
Falalalala lalalala
Close your eyes, and warm your toesies (skip the next Falalalala….)
What’s that now–it’s a third go-around!!
Jump up quick and pinch your nosies

Now the worst is surely over.
Snuggle up, and move the cat over
Start to dream,
What’s that–more hurling sounds!
One more time, trudge to the bathroom

Lest you think that I am joking
Come on now and do your own poking
Into my great, big,huge laundry pile
Filled with ducks, and pillows and monkeys


More verses could be added, but I’ve already indulged my creative talents enough for today. You should know that everybody’s “fine”. Both boys involved in the aforementioned ditty declared themselves “fine” immediately before and after the said episodes. One boy even looked up from his puking and said, “Mom, I don’t know why I’m doing this–I feel just normal.”
I would have felt just normal too, if I’d have been curled up in my bed sleeping. 😌 But, since I spent my night dashing through the halls (oooh, I think I feel another song coming on), you get to experience the joy of me on sleep deprivation, responding to the songs that pop into my tired little brain. 🎢

Tee hee.
Have a good day. I’m doing laundry.