Mother’s Day, 2015

This Mother’s Day will be the one I remember as the first that my boys really got “into it.”  That is, into the spirit behind Mother’s Day, and took it upon themselves to make it a treat!  I’ve had fun watching and listening to the process progress!

image image image imageFirst of all, the boys declared that they would make breakfast–and pancakes it would be!    “Just write down the recipe and we will take care of the rest!  You just stay in bed and we will cook!” I was told.  That sounded good to me!

So, during my banishment from the kitchen, I took some time to putter around in the dirt and flower pots–a favorite past time of mine, which I don’t get to participate in nearly enough!  I replanted my herb plant and some Gerbera daisies that I’m attempting to rehabilitate from the bargain shelf at Wal-mart.  Watered my flowers.  Weeded my roses.  Picked some strawberries. Checked Facebook.  Twiddled my thumbs and listened to my stomach growl because it was taking a LONG TIME in there!

At one point, my youngest came out to report the first casualty.  Our wedding crystal fruit bowl didn’t make it through its experience of getting heated up on the burner and shattered. First lesson learned–crystal bowls and burners don’t get along!

Before long, as I passed through the kitchen area, I saw a box with shards of broken glass in several different colors.  Uh oh.

Heard while in waiting–“I’ve already eaten so much batter that I’m almost full!”  😆

It it was well worth the wait!  Breakfast was delicious and SWEET.   And served as only growing, energetic boys can come up with!  Sugar sprinkled on everything!  Little notes as place cards.  And I was blessed with beautiful flowers of all colors!

Time to go plant some more flowers!  This fun day is just beginning!  Mother’s Day with boys is the best!


The rest of the day was just as eventful, but in a different sort of way.  We had to postpone a birthday get-together for Mom in order to go pick up a piece of work equipment for my husband.   Never ones to do things the traditional way, we had to travel several hours to go pick it up.  Hubby thought we should all come along, so we did. The route took us right last our relatives house, so we stopped in for a quick visit.  We should have known better than that, because the quick visit grew into an overnight stay.   It worked out in a fun, unplanned sort of way.  Hubby got the equipment; we all had a nice visit.  The cousins do enjoy playing together.

But I think that after all the excitement, everyone is suffering the effects!  Late to bed has produced some very hilarious boys.  That’s their opinion of themselves.  Their momma, which I happen to be, doesn’t find their endless jokes and goofing around quite so side-splitting.  So…they have banished to bed with lights out in hopes of a more even-keeled day in the morning!


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