Inter generational learning

One thing I love about homeschooling is the many opportunities to get outside the box of age-segregated classrooms, and get into the natural, non age-segregated LIFE!

Thirty ten year olds in one room just doesn’t leave a lot of room for individuality.   Getting them out in the real world gets a bit messier, but provides some neat chances to learn!

For the past few weeks, whenever I read the boys their history story, we have at least one, sometimes two or three, sixty-something or eighty-something listeners.  It’s great.  The boys go knock on the door of Dr. B., and we set a time.  Then, we all learn about the early colonies of our nation together!  We get the perspective of years of living, adding to our few years of experience, and that is just a good thing.   I think that it helps the boys to see that history is still a very living subject, that grandpas and grandmas still enjoy learning about!  It makes it really fun!

Inter generational learning. Young and

and old learning together side-by-side.   It’s the ideal situation.   Young boys sometimes can get a little cocky in their knowledge, and working alongside their elders helps to get it all in perspective!

That is the PLANNED inter generational experience that we have just about every day!

Sometimes…we get bonuses!

Like today.  A nature scavenger hunt turned into a science/geology lesson when a self-proclaimed nature lover and former nature teacher strolled into the RV park.  She showed us what dormant poison oak looks like, which was a very handy tidbit to learn.  She then went on to tell us about local rock types and names, wildflowers, bald eagles, pinecones, volcanoes, and many other nature topics.  While we had stepped outside for some fresh air from “school”,  I wasn’t going to be the one who called an end to this real-life nature lesson in order to get back in to “real” school.   No way!  We got to pick her brain about igneous rock varieties (which we don’t have in Tennessee at all), and learned about serpentine, a beautiful green-black rock that we have all over this river bank, which we had wondered about!

Today also…a bike clinic!  Totally impromptu. Three boys brought their bikes, and two older gentlemen collaborated together to fix brakes, repair loose seats, and adjust tires.   In fact, it seemed that more problems popped up every few minutes that the boys “just remembered” needed looked at.  The older men were very patient and accommodating, and I think that the boys got some good hands-on experience in bicycle repair.  By the end of an hour, we had three bikes in too top shape, three happy, riding boys, and two somewhat weary older men.  But that’s where the place age and energy collide, and the end results are hopefully good for all involved.  The old receive the appreciation of the young for their knowledge, and the young get their bikes fixed!  😉

When you can, please tap into this invaluable resource of old and young working and learning together.

It’s win-win!




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