What’s cooking, Boys?

Mondays…so many of them tend to be similar–a challenge!

We needed a more active approach to math today, and a lesson in practical usefulness too.

Now, I recently said that I am not a recipe sharer too much, and, although it’s true that it’s because there are already a bazillion other recipe websites, I realized that it’s mostly true because I just don’t use recipes all that often.  I like recipes, but usually look at the ones I like, scan the basic ingredients, and sort of wing it.  This can be good or disastrous.  I’ve made some flops, but usually the food turns out alright.  Just maybe not the same twice!

Well, I have one boy who is following after my pattern, without the background of experience in cooking to know which things to guestimate on, and which items you’d better get exact.  Like baking powder, or yeast.  That could be ugly if we eyeballed those items.  He thinks that I just sort of make up recipes, and sometimes I guess I do, but most often, I take something that I’ve made so many times that I just don’t have to look at the card anymore, and make it from memory.  I’ve kind of had to figure out the gluten-free thing as I went, but looked at it from a science perspective–you need such and such number of dry ingredients, such and such amount of binder, something oily, something wet, and so on.  I don’t just throw in items willy nilly.  But, to my son, I’m sure it seems like I do.  😉

Now, I wanted the boys to have a chance in the kitchen.  They really love that kind of thing.  I thought it would be them helping me make lunch, but then thought, “Why not let them do it themselves?”  I know why I don’t usually let them–I’m afraid to let three eager beavers loose in the kitchen.  Could be scary!

I did it anyway, and the pictures will show that they all three had a really wonderful time, and took their tasks quite seriously.  I wrote out three different recipes, and turned them loose!  Below are the results!

Incidentally, the soup recipe I got from someone who liked a blog post of mine, and when I went to her blogpage, I found it. We did end up liking it really well.  http://aalifemoment.com/2015/01/18/creamy-tomato-soup/

We had to tweak it a bit since we didn’t have fresh tomatoes, but it was yummy anyway!  Very easy, too!

So…Speedy made the soup, and I think he learned that chopping up vegetables small really would have made the soup cook faster–but that’s why we are doing this–so we can learn those kinds of things!  You should have seen his “chopped” onions–quite large chunks, but the blender did its job and the soup ended up smooth!

Chatterbox made the muffins–gluten free and simple.  He is very careful in his measurements–the exact opposite of Speedy.  We tried a GF flour from Costso, and it made the whole process very simple.  It really was just like baking with regular flour, because they had all the binders added to the flour.

Bam-Bam made the hummus.  Even though he makes a big show about hating garbanzos, he loved making this hummus!  He, also, measured exactly.  His hummus turned out great!

So…although the kitchen looked like a big food explosion, everyone had a great time, took hold of his task and did it up well.  I just stayed out of the way, and tried to clean up here and there.  We had a few carrot missiles that ended up in the wrong place, but if that’s all of the fall-out from the day, then I’d count it a success.

A delicious success.

Here’s what it looked like:

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