The Cat in the Box😸

A couple of years ago, my brother gave me a shirt which I thought was a spin-off of a Dr. Seuss book–The Cat in the Hat.  That was my assumption, actually, until just now, when, on a whim, I decided to google who Dr. Schrodinger was.  OK–he was a scientist, and he performed experiments in quantum mechanics, that, as it turns out, are WAY OVER my head to understand!  If you want to turn your brain into scrambled eggs, just do a quick search for yourself, and, unless you are able to understand quantum mechanics, you will quickly be scratching your head.

My shirt looks exactly like this, and I will continue to wear it, even though I could never explain the story behind it.  🙂

THAT is not actually what this post is about, just the title.

I was going to tell you about our kitty, who is also a cat in the box.  Little Bit has added joy and laughter to our trip out West.  She’s the perfect kids’ cat, and recently, she has decided to expand her horizons to include us old folks too.

Little Bit has a game.  It all starts when she has spent the whole day snoozing, as all cats do.  Usually at bedtime, or more commonly, at getting-up time, she turns into LB the hyper kitty.  Leaping from sofa to bed, to table bench, back to the bed, and through the whole circuit again!  Her whole goal is to lure one of us into her game, whereupon she dives into her cubbyhole and watches for whoever is brave enough to stick their hand into the hole.  You know what comes next–a fast attack, then into the hole LB retreats as quickly as she popped out!  LB is surprisingly gentle, never using her claws to grab your finger.  It’s just a quick pop out of her head from the shadows, and she waits…   It really is fun to be sucked into her little game, because it’s so obvious that she loves to play!

LB also has an affinity for boxes.   The boys love to make her box beds and box houses, which she happily obliges them by hanging out in!  She has a favorite box with a lid, that she appropriated one day. She’s just the right size to curl up inside the box base, and likes it when you put the lid on the box. The lid has six “windows” that she can look out of, and swat at innocent passers by.   Little Bit also uses her box to dive into when she is in her hyper mood, if she sees someone coming. What she doesn’t realize is that when she dives into her hideaway, only her head is really hidden, and the rest of her body is visible to us!  😸  We get a pretty good laugh about her doing that!

This morning LB was at it again!  Hiding out in her box, swatting out with her paws!  She was very distracting to me, and to others, but very charming!

Here are a few shots of the crazy lady who brightens our days so much!

Who is your favorite furry friend, and how does he/she make you smile?  😍

image image image image


2 thoughts on “The Cat in the Box😸

    • As I write, she is zipping around, trying to stir it up! She just stuck her nose in my face, then hopped away! Zooming from feet to hideout, just wanting to play with someone!

      She is a mess! So much fun and personality!


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