I wanted to begin my new blog with a bang! A catchy story, or anything inviting. But I am running into the problem of life. Not that life is a problem–certainly not! But by the end of the day, I find that life has sucked all of the energy out of me. Not the inspiration, just the wherewithal to follow through with my ideas. And tonight is the worst that it’s hit me!

After spending almost the entire day outside–from having school in the sunshine to lunch, then playing in the river, taking walks, and finally, gathering around the campfire for relaxing, I am reminded of the effects of the sun. That wonderful golden sphere can really suck your energy away! At least it can mine! And the campfire can be so relaxing, that you begin to feel how tired you are!

We barely made it to 9:00 before nodding off for a pre-bedtime snooze. That rarely happens for me, the night owl. I secretly suspect that us parents are becoming–(shhh–don’t tell) OLD!

While our friends back home are experiencing freezing and nasty weather, our skies are sunny, and the weather is pretty close to perfect. We would feel guilty about that if we weren’t so busy enjoying it! If our Vitamin D levels aren’t optimal this winter, it’s not because we aren’t taking it in! 😎

Don’t think we are somehow bragging, because, we have nothing to do with it! If we were home, we’d enjoy that too, although we would certainly long for Spring.

So…my first post here is not a wild and crazy story, but simply a tribute to a part of nature that, especially in these winter months, we appreciate so much! When it goes away, we miss it, and I’m told by people who live in Alaska that when the day length turns around so that daylight starts to increase again, everyone has a celebration! I couldn’t imagine living where I could not see the sun, and I would have a REALLY hard time having to spend my winter cooped up inside! Not for myself, would I go crazy, but because if I was cooped up, then three little bundles of boy would be cooped up with me, and that would cause all of us to unravel! 😉

Sunshine adds brightness to a dreary day, and, at least in our family, we all feel more energized when the sun is shining down on us!

I hope that my friends and family in the colder states get their share of sunny blessings, even with the snow and ice. And our family–we are just going to keep on soaking in the cheering and happy rays!



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