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So, the Giant Sequoias really are giants! And these are not the biggest–those grow in another park.  But there’s no mistake about it–these trees are big!

Because of potential damage to trees by walking too close, they fence the biggest trees about, so all of the photos leave the giants somewhat in the background.  We’d have loved it if we could have gotten right up close, but I think you will still be able to see that the Giant Sequoias are impressive.

I realize my slide show and pictures below have some of the same pictures.  I uploaded some from the phones and some from the cameras, and I’m just feeling too lazy to sort them out.

The one thing I’m going to be sure to remember about this stop is that all five of us had cameras of some sort.  The two older boys had their own cameras, and Mr. Friendly gave his camera to Littlest A to use.  I had my phone and regular camera, and Mr. F had his phone.  That’s a lot of cameras!  We could have designated one person as the official photographer, but that wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun!  At any rate, at each and every tree that one person took a shot, at least three more people whipped out their cameras and took the same picture, each from a different perspective, I’m sure!  But getting through the sights was sure slow with our camera crew.  Several times, I caught other tourists giving a little smile to the boys as they all lined up to take a picture.  We were all very well photographed that day!

I still need to download the pictures from the boys’ cameras.  They probably captured some good shots!

20141128_115843 20141128_115059 20141128_112851 20141128_112242 20141128_105144 20141127_162117 20141127_162009 20141128_112153 20141128_113301     image image image image image image image image


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