Rekindling the Reformation…in our home

IMG_3740Recently there has been much in the news regarding Protestant churches returning to the religion of the Roman Catholic faith.  We have been watching with interest so many once Protestant churches turning their backs on the principles their founding fathers once held dear.


I believe there are probably many reasons, but one major one is that they have forgotten the reasons for the protest and the need for reformation in the first place.

I believe that we need not to forget these things.  And I desire our boys to know the causes leading up to the Reformation and the issues surrounding it so that they can understand the reasons for our faith.  But, they are young still.  I have used this as an excuse before, to wait until they are older and better able to understand.   Currently, however, I am under the conviction that we need to be teaching our children anyway, young or not.  They will grasp some of it, and little by little, they will grow in their understanding.

So, we have begun talking more openly in our home about the importance of learning from the past.  If history repeats itself, which many times it does, then we would do well to learn from it.

*As an aside here, let me just interject that when I refer to the Reformation, I am referring to the errors that the Church was teaching. And when I refer to the the RC church, it is the system, not the individual members. So…both in the Middle Ages and now, what needed a reform was a system; this is certainly not saying individuals are bad within that system. We have friends within many church groups, including the RC faith. When it all comes down, we each have to answer for our individual choices, and that’s what we hope to convey.*

I decided to share some resources that we are currently exploring together.   I decided that since in our school we were already learning about the history of the written word, with an emphasis on the history of the Bible, this would dovetail nicely into a unit study about the early Christian church and the Protestant Reformation.  So far it has been interesting and enlightening.   We will go as deeply as the boys can understand at their ages.   For a field trip, next week, we will visit our state’s oldest printing press, as we emphasize the history of printing.

For our introduction and guide through early church history, we are using the following website, going chapter by chapter.   There is also a full book, entitled Truth Triumphant, for adults, which the children’s material is taken from.  I am reading it for my own enrichment.

The next site is a nice unit study/lapbook that focuses on the Protestant Reformation.  We will do this along with the above study, when we get to that point in the history.   It is very nicely done, in my opinion.

Another essential book in understanding the Reformation, as well as religious freedom throughout history, is the Great Controversy.   The link provides an audio and PDF version of the book.

One more site that we have found very nice in learning about the history of the Bible (for children) is the following.  Under the headings The Word, and The History of the Word.

We will post some updates on how the study is going, as we’ve just gotten into it this week.  But so far, the reports I’m getting are positive from the Little A’s.