Today we participated in a nationwide effort to spread cheer for the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  You can read about the effort here:  and many other places too.

We tried to make our snowflakes unique, and so we added some glitter, which raised the messy factor a bit.  They turned out quite well, and all three boys enjoyed cutting and folding their snowflakes.  It’s nice to be a part of something good after all of the sad news lately.   I know that many schools and home school groups are participating, so I can only imagine that the school will be literally showered with snowflakes!    How fun!    But, please remember that these little folks will need a lot more than snowflakes to cheer them over the next few weeks, months, and probably for a long time.  They’ll need our prayers too.

Now, we have lots of glitter everywhere to remind us of our little part in the snowflake project.

And we have real flakes out there too (the snow kind) flurrying around.  So that made this project even more fun!

Maybe you could make some too!